This is harder than I thought

Okay so I admit, I failed at the habitual blogging faster than I thought. I was being a little too facetious when I originally said I would be able to write one piece a day.

Anyways in terms of musings for the past few days, there’s actually been a few interesting things! For the first time ever, I took a step out of my comfort zone and emailed somebody I extremely admire. She’s one of my favorite writers and actually sent me back a heartfelt and descriptive email with a long list of book recommendations.

Frankly that made my whole week. On top of that, I’ve been dedicating myself to a more rigorous reading / writing schedule. I’ve enrolled in a few classes online that are going to be starting soon and want to take it upon myself to improve my understanding of the humanities.

As of lately – I’ve found myself questioning the state of the world, how it became to be, and how we can take a step forward.

So along with my reading of Hamilton, I’ve found it quite topical to read a book on capitalism. It’s an interesting piece and has definitely changed my perspective on the labor, financial, and economical conundrums that our country is currently in.

I’ll summarize a little bit of my understanding of Alexander Hamilton thus far. I honestly don’t know if he’s the founding father of capitalism, however he definitely was a large driving factor in the early start of it within the United States. Admittingly it was probably the right decision at the time, given the state of the country’s economy post-war. Additionally Hamilton carried a biased view of the world – with a strong and firm belief in meritocracy considering his rough childhood. Consequently he may have not foreseen the unexpected problems of capitalism, mainly rooted in its nature of privilege.

So… I’ll admit, I’m a little frustrated that he may have created capitalism, but I have to sympathize with the situation of the times and try my best to frame the problem properly.

Also it’s Friday. Cheers to the weekend y’all!