Habitual blogging

Dictionary.com defines atrophy as a verb – gradually decline in effectiveness or vigor due to underuse or neglect.

All things atrophy, it’s a fact of nature coupled with time. That being said, communication is a skill of mine that has been deteroriating slowly. It’s been years since I’ve consistently wrote essays or blogs. Originally this blog was an attempt to address that issue.

So unfortunately as life events came and went, I’ve been lackluster in keeping my zero followers updated. Thus to hone in on my lack of activity, I’ve decided to try to write for 30 days consistently! I’ll admit to you, my life is somewhat dull and placid. However this is an experiment for myself too, to see how much I can change within a month.

With that being said, today is September 5th. I’ve recently arrived back from Vancouver / Seattle. Along that vacation, I did some self-reflection and learned some new things about myself this past year!

I’ve become more inquisitive. Whether or not that trait was something I had before I’m unaware of, but I’ve definitely started to question the world, the people around me, and random problems I run into at work more often than before.

To be there for others empathetically. Sympathy means to feel in contrast to empathy, which is to understand. I’ll admit that I was more judgemental, cynical, and facetious towards peoples’ problems before. It’s not the case that I am cheerful, accepting, and all-around loving now. In fact, it’s still the opposite – however I’m learning to become more accepting, caring, and empathetic.

That society needs to change, and so do I. As a faithful citizen of the United States, Donald Trump has challeneged everything I believed in. Whether or not many Republicans charter the belief that there may be logical policies for placing him in office, I cannot and will not support a platform which stands on hate, racism, and bigotry. This does not mean I will despise anybody who voted for him, however I will place it upon myself to sufficiently educate myself with texts / literatures on capitalism, government, and economy. This epiphany came very recently that I lack general knowledge on how the world operates. Unfortunately that gap in knowledge is causing me to lose time in which I can effectively make a voice. If you have any political books, I would love suggestions!

Anyways – that’s all. Hopefully I can keep up with this routine, and come out a better writer and make the best of your / my time.

Here’s a relevant quote that pushed me to write again:

“We live on the future: “tomorrow,” “later on,” “when you have made your way,” “you will understand when you are old enough.” Such irrelevancies are wonderful, for, after all, it’s a matter of dying. Yet a day comes when a man notices or says that he is thirty. Thus he asserts his youth. But simultaneously he situates himself in relation to time. He takes his place in it. He admits that he stands at a certain point on a curve that he acknowledges having to travel to its end. He belongs to time, and by the horror that seizes him, he recognizes his worst enemy. Tomorrow, he was longing for tomorrow, whereas everything in him ought to reject it. That revolt of the flesh is the absurd.” – Albert Camus, The Myth of Sisyphus: And Other Essays