Blessings in Disguise

When I started volunteering for TEALs, the last thing I thought I would gain was a deeper appreciation of where society currently stands. I figured that I would understand some of the flaws of our education system, and at the same time, gain an intrinstic/extrinstic satisfaction from helping students learn Computer Science.

Instead, I was surprised with a question that started off with “Are you __?” in regards to my ethnicity. Sigh, I thought to myself. Another one of these questions… Rather, I answered the question as I usually do, with my elongated and flustered “No…”, and was countered back by a stream of apologetic statements. These statements, was the student trying to talk about their curiousity. In addition, the student talked about how he didn’t want to assume I was any sort of ethnicity, because “that’s messed up.” Really, it seems childlike, but there’s so much to be drawn from that.

I’m only 22, but when I was a student, my classmates were so ignorant. They weren’t necessarily racist, they just didn’t know what was right or wrong. In an attempt to justify his own behavior, the student showed me that society is still making leaps forward. Regardless of what many people think, as to whether or not we are going to the ways of our past, I’m confident to say a lot has changed.

And moments like these solidify my thought process. It helps me take a step back, and appreciate where are, rather than criticize.

Happy Halloween!