For people who have followed my blog since the beginning of time, y’all will have noticed a slight change over night. Other than the theme, I’ve decided to reword all of my blog to proper punctuation/capitalization. When I first started this blog, my main concern was sounding too professional, and that by focusing on capitalization and punctuation, I would focus too much on what other people thought – as opposed to how I generally write to my friends.

So to approach that reasoning, I wanted to say that nothing’s changed. I’m still the same old DVD, Daniel Vu Dao, danyuldow that many have known. In fact, the capitalization was mainly a stylistic choice. I’ve tried to approach things from a design perspective, so considering that the links on my navigation bar are properly formatted, I decided it was best to swap the whole blog over. I’m generally a messy person, but for some reason, I try to keep my digital footprint as organized as possible.