HackRice 2016+Graduation

HackRice 2016 was probably the last hackathon for me. At least for a very long time. I had a bittersweet feeling the other day thinking about it, wondering if I’ll ever be able to encounter the same atmosphere anymore.

I’ll miss the frustrating late nights, the terrible amounts of pizza they feed you, and best of all, The enjoyment you have just laughing with your buddies. It’s really sad thinking that majority of my friends in computer science are all splitting up after college. It’s like that feeling you get after high school graduation, when you’re standing there and you’re like “I just did it, I just graduated”, but then you realize that everyone’s going off to college.

And that it’s going to change, some people are going to meet new friends, be in new environments, and just not be the same when they come back. Or maybe they’ll just be too busy to come back. And that’s okay, in fact, I have no resentment when it comes to that. but I can’t lie and say that I won’t miss the it all. That feeling when I walk into a hackathon with my friends, and we just stand there laughing about what to do, shooting down each other’s lame ideas, and just yelling at APIs that are “so easy to use”.

I realize that I sound a bit immature, and that I’m unwilling to graduate or whatever. But that’s really not the case. I’m looking forward to graduation and everything, I’m looking forward to everyone taking a step forward in their lives, and I’m looking forward to seeing all the tears that will be shed.

So yeah, I think that’s my update. It’s been awhile so hello world again to whoever reads this blog.

Cheers y’all.