The Relative Pursuit of Happiness

Nowadays, one word really speaks out to me, it speaks out to me so much more than others, and at times, is seemingly misunderstood in the CS community.


I’m tired of hearing people say that you have to love CS, and that to succeed within this career, you have to have an enormous amount of passion. don’t get me wrong, I love coding, and I appreciate doing side projects more than anything, but I’ve encountered lots of people who will ask what your current projects are, giving you a concerned look if you say “nothing”. Surely, there’s other things to do outside of CS right?

And I mean, I think it’s totally okay to do a career if it’s just for the money. Society puts an extreme stigma towards doing things for financial benefit, and doing things only for enjoyment. At the end of the day, people will always say that if you don’t love CS it’s going to be terrible. Well with CS, there’s so many different career paths that you aren’t limited to coding.

There’s a lot of different viewpoints when it comes to taking CS as a career path, whether it be for the money, for the passion, or for both. Ultimately there’s always going to be differences, and judging a person for his/her decisions is wrong.