Interviews, Exhaustion, and the Lack of Time

At this time, it feels like I’m drowning in work. School is piling up and so are interviews. It’s a little disappointing since this is my last year and I was really hoping to be able to have some more time to do some cool things. All I know is that this is just temporary and soon enough, I’ll have more time to work on my side projects.

Some of the cool things I’m working on right now are my automated QA project, my IOS class project, and eventually something cool with Texas Drones. Looking at my git history the past 200 or so days is really sad. To be honest I haven’t seen it that inactive in such a long time, and some days I just wish I had the energy to push through some extra commits.

Anyways, hopefully this passes by quickly and I’ll have some more time to relax and just code for fun again.