Imposter Syndrome

The constant problem of comparing myself to my peers, professors, and coworkers. It’s when I feel like I’m not up to standards, or just not as gifted as others. Although the CS world has been better about tackling the issue of imposter syndrome, there’s still a long way to go.

We tend to forget nowadays that we’re in a major saturated with so many intelligent people, and as a result, it’s so hard to not be arrogant. As a remedy, we should humble ourselves and realize there’s much more to this world around us. I say “we” as a target to everyone. Admittedly at some points, I’m sure I can fall into that arrogant category too.

It’s a tough issue really – I’ve seen people drop, and I’ve seen people break down in the CS field, mainly because they didn’t want to seem like they were faking it, or that they weren’t smart compared to others. We should all accept that we still have more to learn, and to never put down others who don’t know the material we know. I know that’s a poor way of describing it, but seriously, just be nice. Be open, talk about failures, and guide others when they’re lost.

And at the end of this, if you don’t know anything and you’re worred, that’s fine. I don’t either, in fact nobody does. Everyone out there is trying just as hard as you to fake it. There was a stage when my imposter syndrome was so terrible, that it impaired me from doing coding assignments because I was afraid of not knowing what to do. Or when I was terrified of career fair because I would look so stupid. You don’t need to believe me when I say that it gets better. Just know one thing, that at the end of it all, you’re not alone.